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14 Jun 2017

Why I am teaching plumbers and other contractors about online marketing

In the first video of an ongoing series, Michael Byrd of Home Services Digital discusses why he’s going to teach about the topic. Here’s the overview: It’s learnable, it’s not magic, and he’s tired of how other digital marketers overselling and grossly underperforming. It doesn’t have to be that way. Transcript:  Good afternoon my name […]

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02 Jun 2017
SEO for Plumbers | Does SEO Work for Plumbers

Is SEO Dead for Plumbers?

This is a new article, but the article title itself is not that new or unique, other than it being directed towards the plumbing industry specifically. Do a quick Google search and you will find many articles with the title, “Is SEO Dead?” And many will actually say that it is dead. Let me say […]

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03 May 2017
PPC Management for Plumbers | Leaking Pipes

Make Google Adwords Work for You. Stop Leaking Money!

Every week or every month, your hard-earned money leaves your hands and goes to Google or it goes to Google and a pay-per-click management company who you have entrusted to manage your AdWords account. You may think it is just a cost of doing business and that plumbers these days need to be “out there” […]

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25 Jul 2016

Summer Storms Mean Clients in Need!

Hurricane season on the coast means something different to Home Services Digital members. Torrential downpours, howling winds, lightning strikes, downed trees, and flooded houses threaten homeowners at the end of every summer. If you are in a Home Services industry and you market your business well, these natural events can bring you a huge influx […]

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15 Jul 2016

Google SEO for Small Businesses

As you travel this summer, you may notice that your mobile device’s GPS will affect your Google searches. Results at home may show your local favorites first, but when you’re on the road Google knows it! Wherever you go (if you have your mobile phone location enabled), Google will apply your coordinates to relevant search […]

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