Month: March 2018

28 Mar 2018

The decision tree: Here’s how you get business in search

Good afternoon. Michael Byrd here with Home Services Digital for video number 17. I’m going to back out a little bit from going down the the path of organic search today and just explain a little bit why we chose that path, and the greater context because we are gonna go and look at some other […]

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11 Mar 2018

A “title tag” is a headline. Make it a grabber!

  Good afternoon. Michael Byrd here with Home Services Digital, video number 16. We are going to back up a couple of steps. I like to begin with the end in mind, let’s say. That’s a Stephen Covey-ism right there. In the last video we talked about what happens when somebody gets to your website they see the search result and they happen […]

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