25 Jul 2016

Summer Storms Mean Clients in Need!

Hurricane season on the coast means something different to Home Services Digital members. Torrential downpours, howling winds, lightning strikes, downed trees, and flooded houses threaten homeowners at the end of every summer. If you are in a Home Services industry and you market your business well, these natural events can bring you a huge influx of emergency repair and maintenance business. Get your phone number in the hands of customers through Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for plumbers, HVAC professionals, flooring companies, etc.!




That’s right, you don’t have to let the surplus of summer storms rain on your parade! Take advantage of the masses of people who are simply searching for a quick home repair near you. Home Services Digital makes it easy for clients to see you online when they need you  most and call with just the click of a button.


Competition is always stiff for service industries like plumbing, HVAC, roofing and home repairs in most areas. These are industries everyone always needs. To the average homeowner, what is the difference between service companies if both can get the roof fixed? Clients are more likely to call you if you appear in a higher on the search results page. Home Services Digital can get you there and then make your phone ring.


Joining our Home Services Digital division can also give you access to a much larger base of clients from surrounding areas than your competitors. We offer a wide array of online marketing for contractors and home service professionals. Employing Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for plumbers, painters, roofers, and the like can make your website show up higher than the competition on Google.


We also offer Google Adwords pay-per-click management for home service professionals. Pay only for the customers who are interested in your ads, and see the calls come flooding in. A few cheap clicks may lead you to a client conversions for jobs worth several hundred dollars! Your ads can run all year long or only when you want them to. Read our article about Summer Specials for more details!


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