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29 Jun 2018

Claim your Google Maps page. And be reasonable about reviews!

Hello again. Michael Byrd here with Home Services Digital, video number 21. In this video I’m going to talk about two things in particular. Well let’s say two things: claiming your page and making sure your data’s correct. They all kind of go together. You want to go in and claim your page and verify […]

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10 May 2018

Which section of a Google search results page is right for you right now?

Hello again. This is Michael Byrd with Home Services Digital. In the last video we talked about the general pros and cons, the pluses and minuses of Google AdWords, Google Maps, and Google’s organic search. When somebody is looking for a plumber, looking for a heating and air contractor, looking for a roofer today, they […]

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19 Apr 2018

The pros and cons of all 3 sections in a Google search results page

Hello again. Michael Byrd here with Home Services Digital. Today we’re going to look at which section of a Google search results page you want to try to appear in first. And it’s gonna differ. It’s gonna depend on a few things. We’ve done 17 videos now. This is video number 18. We’ve done 17 […]

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23 Jan 2018

If you’re getting found and getting clicks, here’s how to get phone calls

Hello again. Michael Byrd with Home Services Digital. This is video number 15 in our unending series on search. I talked last time about a scenario in which you might already be enjoying good search results and getting lots of impressions. That’s when somebody sees that results page and you happen to be on it. And you’re getting lots of clicks which you […]

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25 Jul 2016

Summer Storms Mean Clients in Need!

Hurricane season on the coast means something different to Home Services Digital members. Torrential downpours, howling winds, lightning strikes, downed trees, and flooded houses threaten homeowners at the end of every summer. If you are in a Home Services industry and you market your business well, these natural events can bring you a huge influx […]

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15 Jul 2016

Google SEO for Small Businesses

As you travel this summer, you may notice that your mobile device’s GPS will affect your Google searches. Results at home may show your local favorites first, but when you’re on the road Google knows it! Wherever you go (if you have your mobile phone location enabled), Google will apply your coordinates to relevant search […]

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