14 Jun 2017

Why I am teaching plumbers and other contractors about online marketing

In the first video of an ongoing series, Michael Byrd of Home Services Digital discusses why he’s going to teach about the topic. Here’s the overview: It’s learnable, it’s not magic, and he’s tired of how other digital marketers overselling and grossly underperforming. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Good afternoon my name is Michael Byrd my company is Home Service Digital we are in Wilmington North Carolina, and we create websites and we manage online marketing for our clients in the home services businesses those are our plumbers, heating and air contractors, roofers, painters, and others who do things in the home. Often these are for customers so you don’t have a provider until they need something then they go and they do a search. I’m starting a series of videos to educate around online marketing. I’m excited to do this series and I’m also angry, I’m angry those are my motivations excitement and anger. I’m going to start with excitement, and now first I’m going to say that I know that’s a cliché people always say oh I’m just so excited to do whatever it is. So I feel like I need to justify that what do I mean by excited I’m excited because I have found that there is a shroud of mystery around online marketing that isn’t necessary. I’ve thought about this it, I actually did this video yesterday and now I’m coming back today and redoing it because I really wanted to get a handle on why I’m excited about why I want to do it. The analogy that I came up with was when I was younger and I watched the bigger kids ride a two-wheel bicycle, and I say two-wheel bicycle because my perspective was the three-wheeled bicycle all also known as a tricycle. I just I saw this two-wheel thing and how you balance on it, and these kids were a little bigger. It was such an how in the world to somebody balance a bicycle with only two wheels that doesn’t make any sense and yet when I learned to ride with it and we learned to ride without training wheels they started to make sense, okay. This is learning, I can do it and you can do online marketing it doesn’t take a technical brain it can be laid out in steps, starting from the fundamentals, using common sense we don’t have to use technical language we don’t have to use we don’t have to be sitting at a computer you don’t to be a computer person. By the way this is not computer stuff, we use a computer to do it just like you do use a computer to do your books but you can do your books with pencil and paper and we used to do it that’s why they’re called books. The other reason I want to do is this anger, I’m angry, I’m irritated that online marketing has been given a bad name it’s not that old. I mean for Pete’s sakes the internet is no more than 20 years old at the oldest, this is the Model T days like back when the car first came on the on the scene early days. Yet online marketing digital marketing has been put forth in ways that I think are negative deceptive unnecessarily confusing and so on. The analogy that I would use here is used car salespeople we have a really good client who sells used cars he’s honest the person who because you would ever want me and why is it that you have to live with a stigma about used car salesmen, maybe it’s not true you know it may not be true. I want to dispel what’s being done to digital marketing in terms of reputation and how it’s being presented and how it’s being sold. I’m going to clarify that in these series of videos and you’ll see that it it’s something to be excited about and it’s not something to be afraid of and it’s certainly not something to get taken by you don’t want to be taken. You don’t want to be burned, as many people are being burned in by attempting to do digital marketing and then you might conclude that it’s too expensive and it doesn’t work well that’s just not true. You can’t work and it’ll you will be excited too so I’m going to stop there I want to give you this one take away get eight or ten videos into the series that we’re doing before you do anything new as far as your programming we’re going to do two of these a week so it won’t take that long five weeks don’t sign any contracts, just don’t sign any contracts for any digital marketing. I know they’re going to tell you that they’ve got this deadline coming up just don’t do it you, really don’t have to and you’ll be glad that you didn’t sign any contracts. So that’s it for video number one, come back to the next one and one after that and so on please subscribe it’s free look forward to giving you the next video. Thanks, Michael Byrd from Home Service Digital.


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