Month: July 2017

28 Jul 2017

This Is Where Your Time Is Best Spent In Search Marketing

Don’t be psyched out. Basic principals still hold true, even when it comes to the internet and so-called digital marketing. It’s no different that any other marketing. You want to play in the big game; you want to go where the most fish are. Don’t be distracted by side hustles, also known as “directories.” Transcript: […]

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26 Jul 2017

How Do You Stack Up Against Your Competitors? Do A Search And See!

Pretend you are a person who needs a plumber, for example. Now you, the plumber, can see what your customer sees. The best-case scenario is that you appear among the top 10 “organic” results in a Google search. But whether you do or not, it’s important to take a look at the competitive landscape. You’ll […]

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12 Jul 2017

Finding The “Organic” Search Results Among The 3 Sections On Google

All three sections of a Google search results page are valuable for your business. We’re starting with the so-called “organic” section because that’s what we all think of when we go a-Googling. Here’s an outline of a typical search and what to look for. Transcript: Good afternoon Michael Byrd here again with Home Services Digital […]

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07 Jul 2017

How You Get Your Business’s Website In Front Of Customers

In this video, Michael Bryd explains why it’s important to have a diverse and well-crafted keyword list. If your business has a website and is not doing this, your losing business to your competitors. Transcript: Good afternoon Michael Byrd with services digital again with another video. I’m going to talk to today about the list […]

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