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10 May 2018

Which section of a Google search results page is right for you right now?

Hello again. This is Michael Byrd with Home Services Digital. In the last video we talked about the general pros and cons, the pluses and minuses of Google AdWords, Google Maps, and Google’s organic search. When somebody is looking for a plumber, looking for a heating and air contractor, looking for a roofer today, they […]

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19 Apr 2018

The pros and cons of all 3 sections in a Google search results page

Hello again. Michael Byrd here with Home Services Digital. Today we’re going to look at which section of a Google search results page you want to try to appear in first. And it’s gonna differ. It’s gonna depend on a few things. We’ve done 17 videos now. This is video number 18. We’ve done 17 […]

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