15 Jul 2016

Google SEO for Small Businesses

As you travel this summer, you may notice that your mobile device’s GPS will affect your Google searches. Results at home may show your local favorites first, but when you’re on the road Google knows it! Wherever you go (if you have your mobile phone location enabled), Google will apply your coordinates to relevant search results near you. Searching for a really close pizza joint or a 24/7 emergency auto mechanic is highly dependent on your location.

Why not employ this same technology for your own business’ benefit? Many small businesses can gain tourism traffic through the location listed and services offered on their Google+ pages, Google SEO, and Google Adwords ads. Since summer is the best time to travel the coast, it is also the best time to get your brand’s name out there to visitors and locals alike!


Google Maps for Home Service Professionals

Not only is summer the best time to land traveling clients, but your local clients are looking for you now too! Summer is when locals urgently need HVAC service and repairs, roofing and plumbing repairs after storms, and contractors for their residential and rental properties. Employing Google SEO through Maps will help you show up before similar companies when performing a basic search.

Have you ever done a Google search and seen your direct competition pop up with a map, contact information, and everything a customer would need? Of course they would choose this fluffed-up link over others! Wouldn’t you? All the necessary information is immediately available after your initial search. WordwrightWeb can help you attempt to outrank your competition and show up as that first magical search result for anyone in the area.

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WordwrightWeb can literally put you and your business on the map for summer travelers who otherwise might not find you. We offer social media setup and management, as well as setup and management of Adwords campaigns, taking care of everything for you!


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