WE Deliver

We focus on results. Lots of companies say that. Our "deliverables" are all geared toward the results that matter to you, the business owner or manager.

For Google AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising

We will deliver hand-written reports to you via email each week. Or we can talk each week by phone or Skype. We will focus on the data that matter:

  • actual clicks
  • phone calls
  • forms completed
  • how much money you spent
  • how many leads you got
  • cost per lead

We might also report on:

  • which keywords got the most traffic
  • which keywords converted the best
  • any changes we made to the campaign (we’re always making changes) such as trying new keywords, ads, etc.

Google Maps

We’ll send you a report on what we did, and explain what you can expect. After a couple of weeks, we will revisit with sample searches and find the new results.

Organic search

  • We start with a keywords analysis that results in a scorecard. We’ll use a Google worksheet that we share with you. Each month, we’ll chart the new rankings and the improvements.
  • Once you’re ranking well, we recommend focusing on conversions.

Pages that convert

  • We can deliver an entire company website or a single page
  • We can measure what happens when people reach your page(s)
  • We recommend A-B testing constantly to continually improve.

What we won't do:

  • Send you an avalanche of data
  • Let the software do it alone – automatic pilot. We use software, but we decide how to use it and then we make sense of the results for you
  • Include irrelevant data
  • Include anything we don’t understand and can’t explain