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23 Aug 2018

Paid search or organic? Do you like money?

Hello again. This is Michael Byrd with Home Services Digital. We are on video number 23. I’ve gotten it straight. It’s actually 23.   You can make the phone ring either way, paid or organic. Or both. So … Today I’m going to talk about Google AdWords again, and another reason that you should give […]

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28 Mar 2018

The decision tree: Here’s how you get business in search

Good afternoon. Michael Byrd here with Home Services Digital for video number 17. I’m going to back out a little bit from going down the the path of organic search today and just explain a little bit why we chose that path, and the greater context because we are gonna go and look at some other […]

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23 Jan 2018

If you’re getting found and getting clicks, here’s how to get phone calls

Hello again. Michael Byrd with Home Services Digital. This is video number 15 in our unending series on search. I talked last time about a scenario in which you might already be enjoying good search results and getting lots of impressions. That’s when somebody sees that results page and you happen to be on it. And you’re getting lots of clicks which you […]

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28 Nov 2017

Is your website terrible? Maybe that’s the problem!

Hello again. Michael Byrd here with Home Services Digital giving you video number 14. In the last couple of videos we talked about doing a homemade, by hand, one word at a time keywords analysis. Actually, more accurately, let’s just call this a score sheet. A true keywords analysis really looks at search volume and some other things that we guessed at. […]

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