07 Jul 2017

How You Get Your Business’s Website In Front Of Customers

In this video, Michael Bryd explains why it’s important to have a diverse and well-crafted keyword list. If your business has a website and is not doing this, your losing business to your competitors.


Good afternoon Michael Byrd with services digital again with another video. I’m going to talk to today about the list of words, the list of search terms, the list of keywords that are important for you getting found on the Internet in organic search. And of course we’re talking about Google, I don’t know if I mention whatever we talk about search we’re really talking about Google they are overwhelmingly the search engine. And the things that we do to help you to get found, whether you’re doing it yourself or whether something else does it for you we do those are still those things that are gonna get you found in the one other search engine that matters that’s Bing/yahoo. Google has more than 60 percent of the search searches daily or actually minute by minute then any other competitor and that is a conservative estimate some statistics would say 65 or 70 your 75 percent, just depends. We talk last time about the comment sense search for your business and we mention plumbers and heating and air contractors let’s take for today painters. Somebody wants a painter they don’t have a painter and you don’t paint your house that often so you might get recommendation, but you might go to a Google search window research probable page and just search home painters, home painting whatever it is. And we know this happens a lot because of course Google has the statistics they have mountains and reams of data, we don’t use rings anymore cause that signifies paper they have hard drives and hard drives and cage data centers full of data. We know that people do lots of searches for painters and painting and some really good painting companies painting franchises have done a great service for their franchisees by mastering this very thing, this very thing called search. But you can do it yourself also by understanding the concepts that I’m laying out a video after video. And the one I’m going to lay out today is the list of terms and again really need to show you any visual aids I don’t have to do any computer language we can understand this concept, we can understand that’s just me talking with you. If I go and I search, and I wanna get my home painted or my business painted and I search for painters I’m going to get a list. I’m gonna get a result it’s going to be the three sections so gonna talk about in the video but the organic results will talking about.W hat used to be the only thing that came up with Google started they were good search engine they would give yourself and result they have not yet monetize their business. And the only thing you have with those 10 results painters give me 10 painters something to find 10 painters on the people based on what I see here, make phone call then going to pick them up, we’ll pick a couple people and call them. Painters, that’s a word that I like hits home painting a word that I might use we call that a keyword even those two works I like to use the I like to say search term because it implies more a series of words usually 2, 3, 4 words five words the most volume visit the smaller combinations of words. You here a lot of stuff about long table get to that later, but painters painting now these are words that you would these are words that your friends would pick. If you can find somebody outside your business you may find some more that you would not have thought of believe it or not. And what we try to do is we try to compile list based on the common sense terms plus using a keyword planner, and there are plenty of key word planners that you can avail yourself of that you can finally just by searching Google believe or not keyword class. And then we just give you an example of something I want you sing a keyword planner in the list and that is painters near me now I would never type to turn painters there couldn’t occur to me on my site painters Wilmington to North Carolina , because I’m there. But the point of all this is that you don’t wanna be successful for just one search painters or just to searches home painters you wanna be successful for all of the turns where there is substantial volume. In other words where the fish are, you wanna go to the part of the lake, the parts of the ocean where you find a lot of fish. So you want to concentrate your efforts in getting results for the terms in a list that have the most volume the relevant terms. That you wouldn’t go paint supplies and paint stores are not selling paint your painting you actually doing the work so you don’t wanna go there. Relevance important, search volume and support so you get this list of terms and then you find out the search by and that’s where you wanna be successful you wanna be successful where the fish are. So develop the list that’s the point of this video there is a good list of terms and lucky for us if we develop a list of 50, 60, 70, 80 terms. Most of the volume is in that top 20 percent the eighty 20 percent eighty 20 will roughly speaking works here, eighty percent of the fish are in 20 percent of the lake. So eight percent of the search by is in the top 20 percent of the search terms and we’ll arrange them by search volume. Then we work on being successful for those terms that list is important that your number four thanks for listening thanks for watching come back for the next video Michael Byrd Home Services Digital.



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